Key People for Key Positions

Are your Finance candidates DRIVEN by accuracy?

Are your Management candidates CAPABLE of leading?

Are your Sales candidates really MOTIVATED by money?

Find out BEFORE you hire them!


Tired of hiring people who had the right experience only to find they do not perform well enough or do not fit your company?

We listen before recruiting. We help you define the job, skills, behaviors and motivators needed for a successful candidate.

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Do I have to spend all that time looking at a ton of resumes to find a good candidate? How can I get referrals? Should I just hire my nephew or niece?

We will customize an on-line job application that reflects your needs, we will utilize our referral network, we will post jobs in the best channels, and we will refer only the top candidates.

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Why go through the expense of hiring only to have your new employee fail? After a new hire can you find your recruiter?

We work with you to develop an on-boarding process that fits your new employee and your organization. We will help identify any performance or communication issues through the first 30 days of employment.

More about the process that works

“Thank you for offering the TAB Board experience. It came along at the right moment in time for me. Working with you and the other members of the board has helped turn around my business. I look forward to continued evolution and growth with TAB Board guidance and support.”

- Diane MacWilliamsvisit website →

“I want to take the opportunity of the New Year to thank you for your work on behalf of our company over the last three years. Our TAB meetings and your work with us have dramatically improved the way we do business. I look forward to continuing our long and productive relationship with TAB and with you. ”

- Chuck Smithvisit website →

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